Truck Driver Training – So You’re Ready To Drive A Big Rig

//Truck Driver Training – So You’re Ready To Drive A Big Rig

Choosing a career, or choosing to change careers, can be a hard task. Once you have decided on that new career, it’s all systems go. It can be an exciting time, and one that’s full of trepidation.

If you’ve decided to become a truck driver, then you’ve probably also set your mind on the type of truck you want to drive. Many new truck drivers come into the industry with their heads full of exciting stories about driving big rigs on the open highways. Whilst the job does have its moments, don’t let those stories give you a false impression.

To be honest, truck driving is like most jobs. Yes, it does have its exciting moments, however, most of the time you’ll be following that lonely white line with mile after mile of simple every day driving. Maneuvering through big towns and cities will keep you on your toes as will difficult tasks such as reversing your rig for loading and unloading.

Your truck driver training should provide some real down to earth experiences, one of which is the number of hours you’ll spend in a classroom gaining knowledge rather than skills. You should still receive plenty of practical behind-the-wheel training – after all, that’s a truck driver’s office. However, to gain a commercial drivers license, you need the knowledge component in order to pass the tests required under law.

Truck driving is an interesting job and driving a big rig can be exciting to begin with. It will deliver challenges at times, especially when weather and traffic conditions are against you.

Long distance truck driving can be lucrative, but remember, you will be away from family and friends for days on end – sometimes up to ten days, although most trucking companies now try to have their drivers back home at least once a week. If you’re ready to take those first steps to become a truck driver, then come and talk to us. Our truck driver training program delivers real life skills that prepares you for employment and ongoing work as a truck driver.

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