Truck Driver Training – The Getting Of Wisdom

//Truck Driver Training – The Getting Of Wisdom

There’s a big difference between acquiring your commercial drivers license (CDL) and becoming a truck driver. The license says you’re allowed to drive a truck; it’s your skills, knowledge and commitment that goes into becoming a truck driver. Over time, there’s one more key ingredient – wisdom. Do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

I like this old statement – “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing you don’t put a tomato into a fruit salad.” Wisdom then is what you learn through experience related to your knowledge, and it’s an important factor in becoming a truck driver.

It’s easy to teach someone to drive a truck. We can teach you to obey the speed limit signs, and the penalties you may incur if you don’t. And you’ll get those questions correct when you sit your theoretical tests. We can even teach you to slow down a little if there is black ice or a lot of water on the road. It is wisdom that will tell you how fast is safe in those conditions – and you gain that through experience. Some drivers don’t learn through experience – in the case of water on the road, they plow through at the speed limit, and if they have an accident, claim they were only doing the speed limit – which they were.

At Diesel Truck Driver Training School, our trainers are truck drivers. They have gained the wisdom that time on the road teaches a driver and they are only too happy to share some of that wisdom during your training. We don’t just teach you the ABCs of truck driver training, which is all you need to gain your CDL. Our aim is to produce truck driver graduates who are ready to start work – graduates who are ready to be truck drivers.

If you want to become a truck driver, wisdom would suggest you seek out a highly regarded professional truck driver training school. Now that you’ve found a school that fits that criteria, why don’t you check out your training options? We’d be happy to share with you the wisdom we have gained as professional truck drivers.

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