Truck Drivers Are Never Really Alone On The Road

//Truck Drivers Are Never Really Alone On The Road

Truck driving careers may appear to be lonely careers. After all, you spend hours on end all alone in your cab. For some drivers, they may have the luxury of a co-driver, or perhaps their spouse travels with them, however, for most, it is a somewhat isolated career. Yet at the same time, a truck driver is a part of one of the biggest families in the United States – the family of truck drivers.

As a truck driver, the moment you walk into a truck stop, you’re with family, even if you have never met any of the drivers there. You’ll be instantly welcomed, and unless you’ve got bad BO or are totally obnoxious, you’ll never be seated alone.  Truck drivers are always willing to help each other, even if it means going out of their way a little.

What’s the easiest way to insult a fellow truck driver? Not telling them of your needs, worries or problems. You need a lift home for a day or two whilst your trucks in the repair shop – just ask, there’s always someone ‘going your way’. Need advice on a job related problem – just ask, someone has been there and had the same problem already.

In truck driving, you will always have friends. What do they ask? Just be a friend in return. Help other drivers when you are able. Share your experiences with other drivers. If you come across a problem on the highway, let everyone know. It’s a great family, a family that has endured a lot over the last 100 years. A short read of the problems faced by the teamsters union will demonstrate that. Once you have completed your truck driver training, join the family – you’ll never be alone, even out on the highway.

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