Truck Drivers Doing It For The People

//Truck Drivers Doing It For The People

Our nation survives on the back of a truck. Our food, our clothing, our furniture, even the materials that go into building our homes – all depend to some extent on a truck and a truck driver. In some areas, people are even more dependent on trucks. Think of those devastated by tornado, hurricane, fire, flood and even war – while choppers can bring in emergency supplies, it’s the truck drivers who start the rebuilding and healing processes, bringing supplies that are badly needed. In some cases, these truck drivers work on a voluntary basis, some aided by the companies they work for.

For a local Illinois truck driver, watching events on TV go to him. Dan Pearl told WJBC he had to get in and help out. Being an American Legion member, he called them together to help out those who had been affected by tornado. He is just one of thousands of truck drivers who help out whenever the need arises. Truck driver associations have regular fund raising events, either to help truck driver families in their hour of need, or to help the community at large.

Are truck drivers special? Probably not. There are tens of thousands of people from all walks of life who volunteer their time to help others. Where truck drivers are a little different is that, whilst you and I may donate goods to help people during stressful times, it is the truck drivers who are charged with getting those goods to the people in need safely. And safety is an important issue.

When Mother Nature steps in and wrecks mayhem, roads can be dangerous. Truck drivers are skilled at navigating through tricky environments – if you don’t believe me, try driving a large truck and trailer through a busy city. Truck drivers learn by experience, however, that experience is always built on a solid platform of initial truck driver training. A well planned and executed truck driver training program will provide the basic skills and knowledge that a driver can build on to build a solid career. When required, these drivers can then respond the moment a crisis hits. Just remember, the next time curse a truck on the road, that truck could be delivering food to your local supermarket. More importantly, they could be delivering much needed supplies to those in desperate need. Hopefully, with the right training, you’ll be one of those drivers real soon.

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