Truck Drivers Have A Great Social Life

//Truck Drivers Have A Great Social Life

You would think that driving a truck all day could be quite a lonely job. In a way it is, but then again, truck drivers have learned over time to take advantage of every opportunity afforded them. Take a long distance truck driver’s social life. Whilst a truck driver is confined to their driving cab for long hours, there is the two-way radio – something that truck drivers have really mastered over the years to a point where it has its own language.

Like the telephone, the two-way radio has a variety of uses, including emergency calls, keeping in contact with depots, and of course plain old-fashioned gossiping. Two-way radios are also handy for arranging rendezvous, and that is where truck drivers really do socialize. Truck stops are common meeting places and truck drivers do arrange to meet at these as they drive around the nation. Truck drivers meet to catch up in the same way that friends meet for coffee or lunch in the cities or towns.

Truck drivers also have a number of events around the nation. These range from trucking shows to charitable events, although you’ll always find there’s a local event being conducted. In the ‘good old days’, these local events did eventuate into all-in-brawls similar to those seen in some popular movies. These days, the brawls have gone and truck drivers meet in much more sedate settings.

Like all professions, truck drivers have their cliques and social groups. Truck drivers do have social lives – for many, they have a double dose. They have a social life that includes their family and friends at home, and a second social life that includes other truck drivers whilst out on the road. Truck drivers also look after their own – if a truck driver is injured or falls ill, other truck drivers will rally around to help that driver and their family. It is a close-knit community – and one that’s easy to join – you just need a commercial drivers license and a truck driving job.

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