Truck Drivers Honor Fallen Soldiers

//Truck Drivers Honor Fallen Soldiers

While truck drivers may have a reputation for being rough and tough cowboys in big rigs, the truth is generally far from it. Many are family oriented, and many have spent time in the military. It’s fitting that each year truck drivers across the nation take part in an event known as Wreaths Across America. This is an event where truck drivers take hand-made wreaths across the country. This year there were 325,000 wreaths carried by 43 trucking companies to 740 state and national cemeteries.

There were 90,000 wreaths laid at Arlington last Saturday and there are another 12 truck loads due to be delivered this Saturday. Saturday, December 10th has been designated by Congress as “Wreaths Across America Day” and U.S. truck drivers together with the American Trucking Association have worked together to coordinate and execute wreath laying activities, and the end result was a highly successful and most welcome commemoration of our fallen soldiers.

Truck drivers across the nation are involved in numerous activities designed to either help the community at large, or to help truck drivers and their families during times of need. When it comes to activities like Wreaths Across America, the trucking industry is perfectly placed to ensure the event is a success. After all, no one knows logistics as well as the trucking industry, and many would include the military in that comparison.

While many people view truck drivers in a poor light, those same drivers are often out doing work that helps the community, using their own time, and sometimes their own trucks. Entering the trucking industry as a truck driver is like joining an exclusive club. Truck drivers look after each other even though they work for competing companies. At the end of the day, they are all truck drivers, enjoying the work, and trying to earn an honest living. There’s a lot more to a trucking career than most people realize, and the Wreaths Across America is a very good example.

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