Truck Drivers Should Be Treasured Not Demeaned

//Truck Drivers Should Be Treasured Not Demeaned

Talk to many car owners and they’ll tell you they hate trucks on their roads. Note the “their roads” part of that statement. Truck drivers have been accused of a wide range of problems, yet statistics tell a very different story. It’s not just the statistics either. When you think about it, everything we eat, drink, wear and use in our lives has to be transported, and there will have been a truck or two involved in that transportation. What about the stats? Check these out, then tell me if truck drivers should be demeaned by car drivers.

  • Although trucks use over 50 billion gallons of gasoline each year, they only account for 12.8 percent of the nation’s fuel consumption; don’t blame trucks for pollution, especially modern, trucks which have great anti-pollution features.
  • What about accidents? Unfortunately, trucks are involved in accidents – around 500,000 each year. However, compare that to cars – they are involved in over five million accidents each year. And they say that truck drivers are bad drivers.
  • Trucks v cars then? Only 2.4 percent of all vehicle accidents involve a truck and a car, and almost 85 percent of those accidents are deemed to be the car drivers who are at fault.
  • Considering there are 3.5 million truck drivers on the road each year, each covering almost 150,000 miles (per year), that really is a low accident rate.
  • One final stat for those who love trivia – if you put every truck in the country nose to tail, the line would reach the moon. Forget your space shuttles, we’ll drive.

Truck drivers are the life blood of the nation, and in many quarters, they are treasured, not demeaned. Truck drivers are well-trained, heavily regulated, and must pass rigorous testing before gaining their commercial drivers license. I think I’d rather be traveling in a truck than with many of the car drivers on our roads – but then, perhaps I’m biased.

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