Truck Driving Careers Don’t Discriminate

//Truck Driving Careers Don’t Discriminate

One of the great aspects of a truck driving career are the friendships you’ll build over the years. Truck driving, like many industries, has it’s own culture, a culture that is open to every truck driver. More importantly, there are no discriminatory barriers to becoming a part of that culture. Women have been a part of trucking for decades, and not just as wives. You will find women driving trucks in every corner of the nation, and they enjoy the work, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with a trucking career.

It’s not just women who have broken through any cultural barriers. These days, if you can qualify for a commercial drivers license, then employers will look at you and hire you. Like many jobs, there are areas that employers take note of; for example, reliability and attitude, however, ethnic, age and gender are not deciding issues.

Whilst many industries pay lip service to anti-discriminatory employment practices, the trucking industry practices what has been preached. Don’t believe me? Pay a visit to any popular truck stop – you’ll find drivers of all ages, from all walks of life, and from a wide background. There are fat drivers, skinny drivers, drivers with glasses, men, women, and many who can only just communicate in English. I go back to my earlier point, if you can undertake truck driver training and pass all the requirements to receive your commercial drivers license, then a career as a truck driver is waiting, and there are a lot of vacancies right now, especially for long distance truck drivers.

If you thought that barriers existed that could prevent you becoming a truck driver, perhaps it’s time to check. Those barriers may exist only in your mind – the reality could be very different. Call us at Diesel Truck Driver Training School – we’ll be able to advise you on your eligibility to undertake truck driver training as a first step to becoming a fully qualified truck driver – it only takes the one phone call to get started.

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