Truck Driving Careers In The Construction Industry

//Truck Driving Careers In The Construction Industry

When considering a career as a truck driver, most people think of either long distance truck driving or local delivery truck driving.  Truck drivers are required across a number of industries including mining, forestry and agriculture. Construction is another industry that relies heavily on truck drivers. Dump trucks are an obvious example, and they are one of the most frequently seen trucks on a construction site. However, they are not the only trucks.

Heavy equipment relies on trucks and truck drivers to move from one construction job to another. Sometimes, heavy equipment is taken out to a site where it will remain for months. At other times, heavy equipment may be taken out to a site for only a day or two before it is moved on to another job. With some construction companies, truck drivers are required to have a basic working knowledge of heavy equipment as they are required to load and unload the equipment from their trucks.

Construction also relies on trucks for the delivery of building materials and supplies. From timber to steal, everything that is required for the construction of buildings, roads and bridges has to be brought in by a truck. Companies that supply these materials employ truck drivers specifically for these deliveries.

Other specialist trucks required by the construction industry include hot mix drivers. These drivers deliver hot mix that is used for road construction. Cement deliveries also require the knowledge and skills of dedicated drivers.These drivers don’t just deliver the cement from point A to point B, they are also skilled in the unloading of wet cement, often using specialist equipment that ensure the wet cement is dumped in the right place and in the right thickness.

Considering a career as a truck driver? There are a wide range of industries that require the skills of a qualified truck drive. Contact us for more information on how to become a truck driver in the construction industry.

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