Truck Driving Careers Really Are Gender Neutral

//Truck Driving Careers Really Are Gender Neutral

A recent article related to women truck drivers has pointed out that this career is one of the few that really is gender neutral. One statement really caught the eye and is well worth repeating and thinking about here1:

“When you’re a professional driver, the steering wheel doesn’t know whether you’re a man or a woman!”

The article goes on to describe how pay rates in most work places still discriminate against women. The exception is in truck driving careers where wage rates are quoted for a driver – not a male driver or female driver. This means that women drivers are paid at the same rates as their male counterparts.

Trucking careers are open to almost anyone form any background. It doesn’t matter your gender, your age (apart from minimum age requirements), or your ethnicity – if you can undertake the training and satisfactorily sit the commercial drivers license tests, then a trucking career will treat you equally. In fact, you would be surprised at the number of women who take up a trucking career once their children leave home to lead their own lives.

Middle aged men and women are turning to truck driving as a career and their motives are many and varied. Some like the adventure of a long distance driver, others like the regular work provided by driving locally. If you’re reading this and considering a trucking career, I’m sure there are aspects of the job that appeal to you as well.

If you are able to take on new skills, then age, gender, or ethnicity are not barriers to a trucking career. What matters most is enrolling in a well respected truck driver training school – that will give you a head start into a well paid career as a truck driver.

1Read more about Gender Equity for Professional Drivers by Ellen Voie on:

Truck Drivers News

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