Truck Driving For Military Careers

//Truck Driving For Military Careers

Truck drivers ply our highways everyday, most of them working for transport companies. Some of these drivers also own their rigs and are referred to as owner/drivers. Some drivers, once they have gained some driving experience, decide on military careers as truck drivers, and these careers come with all the benefits that military personnel receive.

The downside to working as a truck driver in the military is that you will need to go through the same induction procedures and initial training that every other soldier goes through. Once you have completed that training, you could be assigned anywhere, including overseas (war zones included). Trucks are one of the life lines that the military relies on. Choppers can fly in urgent aid when required, however, logistics compel the military to use a lot of trucks, and that requires a lot of truck drivers.

Military truck drivers, while receiving all the benefits of a service-person, also receive a great pay check, often better than civilian truck drivers. Military truck drivers require the same training as civilian truck drivers. Whilst the military does train its own drivers, they give first preference to those who have already completed truck driver training and had some industry training.

We can help with your truck driver training and that includes helping you qualify for a commercial drivers license. We can also help you to find that vital first job so that you can gain the experience the military requires. Of course, you don’t have to have a military career in mind to undertake truck driver training. In fact, you could be an ex-military person looking for a new career – if so, you may even be entitled to government assistance for your training.

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