Truck Driving in Winter Weather

//Truck Driving in Winter Weather

Truck driving across country can be an exciting way to make a living. The freedom of the open road can truly make truck driving one of the best jobs out there. By making these long hauls, a driver can see all types of weather; sometimes in the same day. Unfortunately, these changes in weather can lead to treacherous driving conditions and limited visibility for both the trucker and those around him. This is especially true in regards to winter weather.

The slick roads that can be a part of winter driving are dangerous for all vehicles on the road, and truck driving is no exception to this rule. To ensure safe winter driving, an inspection should be performed prior to driving the truck. This inspection in winter should include the wipers, defroster, heater and tire treads. Once on the road, the best way to remain safe while driving on slick or icy roads is to simply slow down. Speed and slippery roads are a recipe for disaster. Another key to winter truck driving safety is to increase the distance maintained behind other vehicles. This will help ensure that the truck will have enough distance to stop should the vehicle skid when stopping. Should a truck begin to slide, the driver should not slam on the brakes but instead pump the brake to stop the vehicle without skidding or jackknifing.

Although many of these points may seem like common sense, they are points that need to be reiterated to ensure safe winter truck driving. Some of the toughest driving is during winter weather, so truck drivers must remain alert and keep an eye out for other drivers not following proper winter driving techniques.

For more winter weather truck driving information watch this video.

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