Truck Driving Is Not A Dumb Job

//Truck Driving Is Not A Dumb Job

Truck driving jobs are not all the same. The range of skills required to transport heavy equipment is very different to those required to transport furniture, for example. To begin with, the types of truck are very different, and whilst truck driving is still truck driving, the thought processes can be very different.

Heavy equipment comes in all different shapes and sizes. A truck driver who drives a large van has a fixed height that they are constantly aware of. Drivers who transport heavy equipment need to be aware of the differing heights of the equipment they are transporting – important when it comes to traveling under bridges or power lines. Truck drivers also need to be aware of the environment when arriving at their destination.

Most construction sites have dedicated areas for the loading and unloading of heavy equipment, however, remote locations such as farms won’t have the same facility. Drivers need to ensure they are loading and loading in an area that is safe for themselves, the heavy equipment, and the truck. A loaded truck is far heavier than an unloaded truck so issues such as soft ground need to be taken into consideration.

Truck driving in general is not a ‘dumb’ job where you just sit behind the wheel and steer. Truck drivers need to be constantly thinking, being aware of their surroundings whilst planning ahead. They also need to be constantly vigilant of the other vehicles around them – a truck needs space to stop in an emergency, a factor that car drivers rarely consider.

If you are looking for a job that delivers the freedom of the road with constant challenges, then consider a career as a heavy equipment transport truck driver. It only takes a few weeks of truck driver training to prepare you for your commercial drivers license.

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