Truck Driving Is Not A Job, It’s A Lifestyle

//Truck Driving Is Not A Job, It’s A Lifestyle

Truck driving is considered a tough job by many.  That was certainly true in the past, however, modern technology has certainly made truck driving much easier. A big mistake is to consider truck driving as just another job. In many cases, especially for long distance truck drivers, it’s not just a job; it’s also a lifestyle.

Long distance truck drivers almost live in their trucks. In fact, modern trucks are built as mini-apartments complete with bed, television, toilet and microwave. In a way, a  truck driver only need leave his/her rig to fuel up, help unload cargo, and to stock up on supplies.  Reality is a little different and truck driver regulations stipulate the number of hours a driver can stay in their rig, and the minimum number of hours they must be away from their truck. Truck drivers with families obviously want to get home and to spend time with their families. Still, it’s nice to have that home away from home when you are on the road.

The next time you’re out driving and you see a truck parked in a truck parking area, it may well be that the driver is in the back sound asleep. Truck driver training can provide a driver with all the skills and knowledge required to successfully drive a truck. However, no amount of training can prepare a person for a change in lifestyle – that happens the moment you decide on a long distance truck driving career.

If that scenario doesn’t appeal, don’t worry, there are truck driving jobs that are just that: jobs. Local truck driving jobs – for example, dump truck drivers – are almost always home each night, often well before dark since they they start work early in the morning. Local truck drivers generally drive smaller rigs that don’t come with all the trappings required by long distance truck drivers. If you want a job that is a lifestyle, then long distance truck driving certainly fills that requirement – and the job pays well too.

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