Truck Driving Job Vacancies Set To Rise

//Truck Driving Job Vacancies Set To Rise

The short to medium outlook for truck driving job vacancies is looking fairly bleak. Not for those looking for work, but for employers looking for drivers. Over the next five years, there are tens of thousands of truck drivers set to retire – the baby boomer generation is aging quickly and they make up the bulk of truck driving numbers right now. This could be bad news for the economy, although there are moves in some states to encourage new drivers into the industry – this includes providing training and incentives for individuals to take up truck driving.

It has worked in some areas, however, it has been hard to qualify for these incentives, and in real terms, the number of new truck drivers coming into the industry through these programs has been negligible. Truck driving is a great career choice for a number of  groups in our community. Military personnel make great drivers since they are already used to the discipline required to make a good truck driver. Mothers are another group who are proving to be great truck drivers – they are used to running to a schedule, planning ahead, and putting in place contingencies when required. Women tend to be very good at the little details as well, especially the paper work associated with being a truck driver.

No matter your background, and there are lawyers, judges, police officers, school teachers and a doctor or two have taken up truck driving, changing careers is not difficult. Five weeks of truck driver training, and passing the theory and practical test required to gain a commercial drivers license is all that’s required. From there, the roads are yours for the asking, and for the next five or more years, you’ll find employers chasing you if you’re a very good truck driver.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School prides itself on delivering well trained graduates to the transport industry. Our drivers are often sought after by employers, some even coming into our school to recruit new graduates. If you want a change of pace, a new career, then helping to fill in the void being left by baby boomers could be your answer.

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