Truck Driving Jobs – Are You A Team Player Or Do You Prefer To Go Solo?

//Truck Driving Jobs – Are You A Team Player Or Do You Prefer To Go Solo?

Most people imagine a truck driver sitting alone in a truck driving for hours on end, often pushing the limits of how long they are allowed behind the wheel. While that is the situation with many drivers, there are trucking companies that employ drivers in teams. This puts one driver behind the wheel while the other is resting and when one drivers hours are exhausted, they sway places. This gives the trucking company more miles covered each day meaning their goods arrive much faster.

Team truck driving can be interesting. It can also be challenging since you are stuck in a cab with someone else for many hours – often days. Some trucking companies prefer to employ driver teams because their payment rates are the same no matter how many drivers are in the cab – these are the trucking companies that pay by the mile rather than by the hour. This works out well for team drivers since the vehicle is on the road for a lot longer each day. Add in satellite navigation and drivers can often make it across country fairly quickly. For the drivers, the downside to being paid by the mile is that your not paid when held up at lights, traffic jams or by bad weather.

For solo drivers, you only have your own company to keep. Many drivers prefer this to having someone stuck with them for hours, or having to pass the wheel over to someone else. The downside to businesses is that a solo driver is restricted to the number of hours they can spend behind the wheel. Some companies are reverting to the old fashioned relay driver system – this is where an individual drives from point A to point B, then hands the wheel onto another driver.

There are many different driving options for those looking to get a start in the industry. You will need to complete a truck driver training program first, and to then pass the tests for a commercial drivers license. With that in hand, the world is open to you.

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