Truck Driving Makes A Great Backup Career

//Truck Driving Makes A Great Backup Career

There are millions of people currently unemployed due to the downturn in the economy. There are also trucking companies that are finding it difficult to attract good drivers to their workplaces. It seems like a no-brainer: train unemployed people to drive trucks. However, I know there are those out there who would much prefer to be back working in the former workplaces. We also know the economy will turn for the better at some stage and that those jobs will open up again. of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing both – in fact, it sounds like a smart move.

Truck driving is a lifelong skill. If you complete a regular medical, and renew your commercial drivers license before it expires, then you’ll have that virtually for life as well. When times are tough and you are struggling to find work in your preferred occupation, you’ll have truck driving as a back-up career. Once employed options return in your preferred career, you can put your truck driving skills back on the shelf until next time.

I do have one word of warning to those who want to contemplate having truck driving as a career – it’s a great job and many never return to their former professions. Go and visit a popular truck stop and talk to some of the drivers. You’ll find the odd doctor, lawyer and accountant in amongst the mix. You’ll come across former military personnel, police officers, and I hear there’s a former politician now driving the highways.

What makes truck driving a great career is that, in the big picture, it’s a small investment for a great career – first or second. It takes no more than five weeks of your time to learn to be a truck driver, and when it comes to dollars, you’ll quickly recoup those costs with a good monthly pay packet. If you’re unemployed and wondering what to do, don’t walk away from your preferred career, just add a well paid secondary career to your lifestyle.

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