Truck Driving No Longer An Environmentally Unfriendly Job

//Truck Driving No Longer An Environmentally Unfriendly Job

Clean technology has become an important issue in society and for the trucking industry this has meant looking at ways to minimize pollution caused through the burning of diesel fuels. Many trucking companies have taken up new technologies, either through the use of trucks that minimize gas emissions or by switching over to the cleaner biofuel and biodiesel. In the past, trucks were notorious for belching out clouds of black and/or blue smoke. Whilst there are still some older vehicles that continue to pollute, they are rapidly becoming the minority.

One of the issues driving the move to cleaner fuel use is, paradoxically, the savings in dollar terms. Cleaner technology is also creating vehicles that deliver much better fuel efficiencies. There are many truck drivers who are now driving trucks that issue very little in the way of pollution and which get as much as 50% better fuel economies. That’s a big plus for everyone – society, customers, drivers and the trucking companies. In a competitive world, fuel savings get passed down to customers in the form of lower prices, or fewer price rises.

For truck drivers, there is little change to their working life. The biggest issue they need to deal with is filling their trucks with the right fuels, especially when bio fuels are being used; and the fact they can travel longer distances before needing to refuel.

If you’re considering a career as a truck driver, don’t look at smoke belching old trucks as an example of what you’ll be driving. Truck driving is now an environmentally friendly job, and when you consider the millions of miles that trucks cover every year, that’s a lot of pollution that is now being prevented, a fact that many truck drivers are now proud of.

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