Truck Driving Opportunities In The Oil Fields

//Truck Driving Opportunities In The Oil Fields

It is interesting to note that a number of jobs for truck drivers appeared on our online job site this week. It has prompted me to discuss the role of a truck driver on oil fields, since they are positions that crop up frequently, and they are positions that generally pay quite well. The down side is that some of these positions are located some distance from major towns, however, if you don’t mind small town living, then you’ll find these positions both lucrative, demanding and interesting.

The trucks used around oil fields are varied. There are general trucking opportunities, and opportunities for those with tractor-trailer experience hauling heavy equipment. However, the most common truck driving jobs on offer are those for tanker drivers. These can be long distance positions depending on the oil fields location and the proximity of a refinery.

Oil, and oil products, are generally in liquid forms so the only economical way to transport it is in a tanker. To be eligible for these positions, you will need a tanker endorsement on your license. Oil (and oil products) are also classified as hazardous materials so you will also need a HazMat endorsement. It will help if you have had some experience driving tankers since the liquid can make driving tricky for the inexperienced.

If you are interested in a career as a tanker driver on the fields, then we recommend undertaking the Complete Class A CDL Training Program. This is an advanced course that includes your CDL permit and your DOT medical test. On completion, you should be well prepared to take your final driving tests to receive your CDL including all the endorsements needed to work as a tanker driver in the oil fields.

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