Truck Driving Tips – Learn To Be State Savvy

//Truck Driving Tips – Learn To Be State Savvy

Truck driving is an interesting career, especially for long distance truck drivers. One of the first things a new driver needs to learn is the differences between states. The road rules and regulations are similar nationally, however, that doesn’t mean law enforcement officers take the same approach. California is a good example – highway police will almost always check your truck from top to bottom and front to back, and also examine your log books. Highway police in other states are not always as vigilant, unless you give them cause.

Staying with California, if you need to refuel on your trip, California is often a little more expensive, so it pays to refuel before you enter this state. In New England, truck stops are few and far between, and you’ll often find there is no room for you to park for the night. If you are getting close to driving limits, then it often pays to stop and take your rest break at the first opportunity – leave it too late and you may find there’s nowhere to park, and you’re forced to break your driving limits.

If you’re driving into Canada, it’s vitally important to have all of your paperwork in order, and ready for checking, especially your log books and import permits. Pennsylvania has poor roads and the traffic fines are the amongst the highest in the nation. In New York, all bridges are marked a foot lower than their actual height, so if you see an overhead bridge that’s marked at 12′, it’s actual height will be 13′. If your rig is 12’4″, you’ll sail under.

Becoming savvy with the different conditions around the state is an important part of a new truck driver’s life. You can train to become a truck driver, however, this knowledge needs to be learned on the job. Fortunately, experienced truck drivers are only too happy to share their knowledge with newbies. If you’re at a truck stop having a meal, talk to the other drivers – it’s the fastest way to get firsthand knowledge of truck driving.

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