Truck Driving – Watch Your Back

//Truck Driving – Watch Your Back

Truck driving can be an exciting career that allows a driver to see the country on his boss’ dime. Unfortunately, back problems can be an unwanted side effect of the demanding life of truck driving. There are several reasons that back issues can be a problem with truck drivers.

Truck driving for approximately ten hours a day is the main reason for the connection between truck driving and bad backs. Being seated with a foot on the break and one on the gas is a position that will lead to back problems. Unlike sitting in a normal chair, driving a truck does not allow the driver to set both feet on the ground for support.

Another factor that can lead to back problems for drivers is lifting materials in and out of the truck when loading and unloading the truck. Some drop off locations may have people to unload a vehicle, but for the most part, a truck driver will need to unload a lot of materials on his own. Improper lifting of this material can definitely lead to back problems.

Lastly, the truck driving lifestyle, unfortunately, can lead to drivers being overweight, which can be a huge factor in back pain. Sitting in a truck for long periods of time combined with poor diets and inconsistent sleep habits are a recipe for disaster. Truck driving requires a driver to drive for around ten hours a day, but a driver can improve his or her diet, sleep habits and exercise levels to lower his weight and relieve some of that back pain.

A trucker must realize that the deck is nearly stacked against him when it comes to back issues. The job and lifestyle can lead to a life of pain if the proper steps are not taken to remain healthy. Stretching on breaks, proper lifting and better diets and exercise are a great start to keep a truck driver on the road.

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