Truck Stops – The Truck Drivers Home Away From Home

//Truck Stops – The Truck Drivers Home Away From Home

How does a truck driver handle the long lonely hours behind the wheel? There are a number of ways and one of them is their home away from home – the great American truck stop. Truck stops range in size from small roadside fuel pump stations to large plazas with multiple amenities, the largest offering everything from dental services and movie theaters to luxury overnight accommodations.

The larger truck stops are run by major chains, and there is a good chance your employer will nominate a particular chain as their preferred truck stop – at least when it comes to refueling. This is because they will have set up beneficial accounts with these chains. Most of the large franchised truck stops are now safe family friendly places that offer good food, truck driver’s lounges for rest and socializing, and at a minimum, hot showers. Larger truck stops are generally safer places to park rigs – safe enough and quiet enough for most drivers to sleep inside their rigs.

As a truck driver, especially if you drive a regular route, you’ll soon locate truck stops that suit your needs and that are located at convenient points. Truck drivers must take regular breaks throughout their driving day and having that break coordinate with a favored truck stop is ideal.

Rest, food and socializing are important to any truck driver. It helps to keep you fresh. At the same time, it helps to break the monotony of the road. Being able to socialize with other truck drivers is an important part of your working life. You can gain information about any problems on the road ahead, and more importantly, options to avoid those problems.

Once you have completed your truck driver training and obtained your first job, take a while to sit down and work out where the best truck stops are. You can search the Internet, talk to other drivers, and find out which truck stops your employer prefers. Truck stops really are a home away from home.

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