Truck tests, the start of your career

/Truck tests, the start of your career

A career in trucking is attractive for many reasons, the variety of work on offer, the scope for really challenging yourself, great career prospects and demand make it worthwhile too. With shortages of skilled drivers in many fields, Truck driving today is well paid and provides job security as well as some incredibly valuable benefits, including medical and dental insurance.  But to really get that career off to the best start needs the right training, that does not mean just passing the CDL exams, but real training that prepares you for life on the road and anything you may come up against.

Being prepared properly is important, not only so you can deal with any situation, but that you can deal with it confidently, quickly and safely whatever it may be. A career as a truck driver means taking things in your stride, overcoming challenges sometimes, and as with anything, the better prepared you are, the easier it is to be successful.

Our dedicated training team offers a comprehensive training program that delivers the knowledge and understanding that makes a successful truck driver, preparing you for the road and any challenges that you may face.

Hands on training is essential for any truck driver, it is necessary for the CDL exam itself of course, but having the right training is really important. At ATS that means obtaining the skills and experience to safely drive trucks, but also the knowledge of what it takes day to day to be successful in your career. Our hands-on training is not only comprehensive, but highly effective, we give you the time to practice and understand the skills, recognizing the need to balance progress with the importance of fully mastering the skills needed for safety on the road.

When the time comes for the CDL exams, we bring in qualified third parties to our center to carry out the exams in familiar surroundings, which gives candidates more confidence and less nerves! Our effective training and the dedication of our trainees leads to success, and with so many former trainees now having great careers out on the road, our CDL training program is one we here at ATS are truly proud of.

A new career is always an exciting journey, and for those changing careers it can also be a little worrying, and for that reason it is so important to get off to the right start. Finding an accredited trainer who can dedicate the time needed to ensure you have both the right skills and the confidence to take on new challenges is key to future success. Truck driving today offers a genuine opportunity, and it should not surprise anyone that many are looking to this industry and looking for training.

We believe that here at ATS we provide truly exceptional training that really prepares anyone for a career in truck driving, but whichever training you go for, look for people who have the skills and the time to help you, and a team that truly want you to succeed.

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