Trucking Career A Lucrative Ambition For 2013

//Trucking Career A Lucrative Ambition For 2013

If you’re looking for a career change, then truck driving should be high on your list of options. There are few limitations to working as a truck driver. Women, immigrants, young or old – it doesn’t matter. There are minimum age requirements, and your health will be an important issue. However, if you are over 18 (over 21 for interstate truck driving) and in sound health, and with no major criminal issues in your past, then truck driving could be a very lucrative career.

There is a national shortage of competent truck drivers, and that is expected to worsen over the next five years as baby-boomers start to retire. We are currently losing drivers faster than we can recruit them, and if you add in the fact that transport is a growth industry, then you can understand how the shortages are going to increase. Good truck drivers – that is, those with sound driving and employment records – can command higher wages and associated benefits such as health, dental and retirement.

What makes truck driving an interesting career choice is the different options available. You can work solely as a local truck driver, and there are so many options just in that one market. You can work as a delivery driver, dump truck driver or general freight carrier. If you want to get out onto the highways, then you could consider an intrastate truck driving job. These drivers deliver freight between large and small towns within the one state.

If you’re more adventurous, then interstate, and perhaps even international, truck driving is an option. International truck drivers transport freight in and out of Canada and Mexico whilst interstate truck drivers transport freight on routes that can be measured in thousands of miles. Interstate truck driving can be difficult for those with families, however, many do handle both a trucking career and family life with ease.

Alll it takes is five weeks of truck driver training and the passing of your truck driving tests to obtain a commercial driver license, then you’ll be ready for employment. That sounds like a sound ambition for 2013 for anyone considering a change of careers.

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