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While trucking careers have long been a male bastion, that doesn’t mean that women haven’t been successful. In fact, there are a large number of women driving trucks on today’s roads, and they have made very successful careers of the profession. One of the positives about trucking is that it is non-discriminatory when it comes to race and gender. If you can read and understand English, then you can gain a commercial drivers license and drive a truck.

In years gone by, trucks required a lot of strength. Some of the older trucks required brute force to turn the steering wheel, or to change gears. Today, power steering makes steering a large truck easy while modern gearboxes are a breeze to use.  This has leveled the playing field, making it easier for people of all descriptions able to learn to drive even the biggest trucks and trailers.

It may seem strange to some, but trucking careers have always been there for women. Fifty years ago, the barrier wasn’t gender. It was strength. Even back in those early days, women who were able to control a truck were able to gain employment. In World War II, it was the women who drove trucks throughout Britain and much of the US – the men were away fighting the great fight. The post war period saw trucking careers return to a mostly male dominated workplace – but not anymore.

Women are turning to truck driving in greater numbers so it’s not unusual now to see them driving a truck. Migrants are also finding that trucking careers have a lot to offer. While passing the commercial drivers license tests can be difficult for those with a poor understanding of English, those who have at least mastered the basics are able to do well.

If you’re a woman, or a migrant with a good understanding of English, consider a trucking career.  The work is rewarding, pays reasonably well compared to other employment options, and you can be trained and ready for work in a short period of time.

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