Trucking Careers Mean A Change In Lifestyle

//Trucking Careers Mean A Change In Lifestyle

If you plan on becoming a long distance truck driver, then you need to plan for a few big changes to your lifestyle. Terms such as “working day” and “weekends” will take on a whole new meaning. If you are used to a normal working day where you clock on to begin work, have scheduled breaks during the day, then clock off to go home for dinner, then you’re in for a shock to the system. Likewise, where a weekend normally starts when you clock off on Friday and ends when you clock on again on Monday, that’s not going to happen when driving trucks.

On the upside, you have control of your working day (within your employer’s timeframe). You can stop for lunch when it’s convenient for you. You can stop and have an afternoon nap – if you can still arrive at your destination on time. Perhaps the biggest change is that you’ll be doing a lot of night driving. A trucker’s working day doesn’t exist in the normal sense. A truck driver’s “day” starts when they pick up their truck and head off. That “day” may finish in six or seven days when the truck has finally returned – in fact, that often increases to ten to fourteen days for many truck drivers.

If you go into the trucking industry with your eyes open, then you’ll soon adjust to this new lifestyle. Whilst many truck drivers grumble about being away from home, having to eat truck stop food, and not having enough sleep, they’ll grumble even more when forced to stay home for any extended period.

Having a complete understanding of the changes that a trucking career will bring to your lifestyle goes a long way to building a successful truck driving career. Talk to a long distance truck driver if you want to get a real insight to their lifestyles. Just don’t let them put you off – most truck drivers overexaggerate the positives and negatives.

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