Trucking Careers – Never Boring Always Entertaining

//Trucking Careers – Never Boring Always Entertaining

If you want a career that provides plenty of entertainment, then a trucking career could be your answer.

Are truck drivers bored? You would think that sitting behind the wheel hour after hour would be boring, however, that’s rarely the case. Sure, there are periods that are a little less entertaining than others, however, truck drivers always find ways to solve that problem.

To begin with, you have the constant banter coming over your CB radio. These radios have long been the communication tool of choice for truck drivers. CB radios were immortalized in the song “Convoy” by C.W. McCall. Here’s a little trivia: The original version of this song was recorded as it came out over a CB radio.

The banter between drivers can be highly amusing – more so once you get a handle on the language used.

Truck drivers are also entertained by the actions of other drivers on the road. Car drivers react very differently to trucks when they meet them on the highways. One trucker tells a story of a little old lady who sat behind him for over 100 miles – he assumes she wasn’t game enough to try and overtake him. The problem was, she became so fixated on sticking to his tail that she followed him into a rest stop before realizing where she was.

That leads me to my third and perhaps the most entertaining area of all – truck stops. Truckers come from every walk of life, and there are some real characters in the industry. You could sit in a truck stop for hours just listening to adventures of many of those trucking characters – unfortunately, you have a schedule to stick to.

You’ll experience some of this entertainment when you start your truck driver training. I’m sure your trainer (who should be an experienced driver) will have some stories of his/her own to tell. You could even experience some of the banter over a CB radio. If you want to to hear a really dumb song, then get your hands on C W McCall’s song, “Convoy” – you’ll understand what I mean about silly banter over a CB radio.

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