Trucking Laws – Truck Drivers Education Is Never Complete

//Trucking Laws – Truck Drivers Education Is Never Complete

Just because you have graduated from a truck driver training school and received your CDL, that doesn’t mean your education is complete. In fact, it’s just the opposite, your truck driving education has only just begun. Like most jobs around the world, you’ll need to learn the basics as they relate to your employer:

  • How they want the paperwork completed, and when;
  • How they want their cargo loaded and off-loaded;
  • and The preferable driving routes

There is one area where your career will depend on your ability to keep up to date – and that’s with the various trucking laws and regulations.  Trucking can be a dangerous job, so legislators are constantly looking at safety aspects, and how they can tighten current laws, and/or introduce new trucking laws. As a truck driver, you need to keep abreast of all of any changes to those laws. Ignorance is not an acceptable defense if you happen to breach any of those rules and regulations.

When a driver does breach trucking laws, the result can be anything from a slap on the wrist, a fine, or the suspension/cancellation of their drivers license. Fortunately for most truck drivers, their employers are just as interested in keeping their drivers on the road as their drivers are in staying on the road. To ensure that all truck drivers are aware of rule and regulation changes, employers generally either tell them individually or place notices around the workplace drawing attention to new rules.

Truck driving is a job that really is a constant learning curve. Whether it’s out on the highway, in the depot, or perhaps even at home, there’s always something new to learn — something that will make you a better driver.

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