3 Reasons Trucking OJT Is Not Acceptable

/3 Reasons Trucking OJT Is Not Acceptable

On-the-job training (OJT) for truck drivers is one of the worst ways to learn how to drive. There are multiple reasons for that. Here are our top three reasons why OJT is not recommended for truck drivers:

  1. You might have a lousy instructor – Your best instructor is one with a lot of experience on the road and who is certified to teach. Many veteran truck drivers meet the first requirement, but a good teacher must understand how to present information to a group of students, and that’s a skill of its own.
  2. You can’t guarantee the reputation of the teacher – There are still a lot of trucking companies out there that insist on providing their own training. That’s fine, but can they guarantee the skills and qualifications of their instructors? If they can’t, then you’d be better off taking your lessons from someone else.
  3. You’ll be more employable – What looks better on a resume: “I took truck driver training from Bob at XYZ Trucking” or “I’ve got a certificate from a world-class truck driving school that is recognized industry-wide”? If you get your training from ┬árecognized truck driver training school, you’ll be much more employable when you enter the marketplace.

The time to think about managing your career is before it starts. Take your training from a world-class truck driver training school rather than your first employer. Future employers are more likely to accept your training if it’s from a recognized industry training source rather than another employer. That’s why we don’t recommend OJT.

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