Using Veterans Benefits To Start A Truck Driving Career

//Using Veterans Benefits To Start A Truck Driving Career

One problem that many veterans face once they leave the military is finding a career that is suited to the skills they developed while in the military. Often, those skills are totally unsuited to civilian industries. There are a number of programs designed to help former military personnel make the transition from military life to civilian life. Many of these programs address the skills issues by providing funding to retrain for new careers. Like most government programs, this funding can only be used if you meet certain criteria, and if the training school is approved to provide this training.

Truck driving offers many of the advantages that many people enjoyed about the military. You are not confined to the four walls of a factory or office, you’re still outdoors, even if it is inside a truck – there’s still the perception of being outdoors. Truck drivers enjoy a camaraderie that is very similar to that experienced in the armed forces, including relying on each other to complete their trips safely.

Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools are approved to deliver training for current or former military personnel. Funding can be obtained through programs such as:

  • Veterans Educational Benefits
  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • state military education benefits
  • Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Veteran Scholarships Offered By Diesel Truck Driver Training Schools

If you have served in the military (including Guard and Reserve) and you’re looking for retraining to kick start a new career, consider truck driving. Some or all of the costs associated with this retraining could be funded by one or more government programs. Contact us for more information on truck driver training programs, and current options available for former members of the military.

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