Wanted – Young Truck Drivers Interested In Travel

//Wanted – Young Truck Drivers Interested In Travel

There has been a shortage of truck drivers for several years now. Not so much your regular local or intrastate drivers; rather, drivers willing to spend several days to a week away from home doing the long distance driving. More importantly, across all sectors, there is a dearth of young drivers. To an extent, it’s become a middle aged job, and that’s not good for the industry.

When it comes to age and truck driving, middle aged people make a lot of sacrifices each day. Middle aged people tend to have partners, and most often children, and being away from family for extended periods often causes difficulties. These drivers tend, over time, to look for local truck driving jobs so they can be home each day to be with their families.

Unfortunately, youngsters are not being attracted into the industry, despite the fact conditions are good and wages very good. For youngsters (21 and over), long distance truck drivers opens the door to travel. Admittedly, it’s not as a tourist, and you can’t stop for a look around whenever you want. You will get to stay in new towns, and you will get to see a lot from the driver’s cab.

Being able to roam the country behind the wheel of a big truck can be exciting. There are new challenges to meet each day, new roads to drive over, and new people to meet. The truck driving fraternity is very open to new drivers, especially those from younger generations, always offering assistance and advice whenever it is needed. If you are 21 or older, and looking for a career with a difference, consider long distance truck driving – the industry certainly needs you, and it only takes five weeks of truck driver training to get you started.

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