What Are My Truck Driver Training Choices

//What Are My Truck Driver Training Choices

If you have a desire to become a truck driver, then you’re going to need truck driver training of some description. If you are just starting out on your research to become a truck driver, you may be wondering what sort of training choices you have. Here is a brief list of some of the more common truck driver training options:

  • Self taught – You may be able to teach yourself the road rules and transport regulations, but you won’t be able to teach yourself to drive. To begin with, you need to have a fully licensed driver alongside you while driving a truck with a permit.
  • Family training – A common path to a truck driving career in the past was to have a family member train you. The problem with friend or family training is that you often pick up their bad habits. This type of training is also rather piecemeal. You only learn what the person teaching you knows.
  • Employer sponsored training – There are several companies that offer “employer sponsored truck driver training.” You need to be careful about these offerings since many are really no more than scams. You are offered “free” training, but it is only free if the employer decides to hire you on completion of training. They may train 10-15 people and help them gain their CDL, but only decide to employ one – the remaining people are then required to pay quite expensive training fees. In reality, these offers are really for training with the possibility of a job after training. These organizations are generally not certified in any way as they are trucking companies, not training organizations.
  • Accredited truck driver training organization – By far, the best approach is to find an accredited truck driver training organization. These businesses must maintain a minimum set of standards to retain their accreditation. They are also generally well respected training businesses within the trucking community. These organizations can help with tuition fees and post-training employment assistance.

There are no “short cuts” to obtaining a CDL. Accredited truck driver training organizations generally deliver quality training based on the skills that employers demand, and the knowledge and skills the state demands when issuing a commercial drivers license.

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