What Are Some Of The Benefits That Truck Drivers Enjoy

//What Are Some Of The Benefits That Truck Drivers Enjoy

It’s easy to talk about career benefits in terms of job enjoyment. When it comes to truck driving, you have the freedom of the road, the fact that you’re in charge once you leave a depot, and the camaraderie that truck drivers have as a group. But what about the basics, the benefits that everyone expects when it come to their pay check, for example? Truck drivers are, as an employment sector, fairly well looked after. Good drivers can expect to have a high level of employee benefits, and some of these could include:

  • fuel bonuses
  • layover allowances
  • safety bonuses
  • uniforms and sometimes laundry services
  • holiday pay
  • retirement plans including 401K, and
  • health insurance including dental and vision

These are fairly typical type benefits, some of which are shared by most workers around the nation. You can add a good paycheck to that list and you have a fairly attractive career option for those who enjoy driving as a living. Different employers offer different benefits – I recently came across one employer that also offered:

  • Accident Plan
  • Hospital Income Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 529 College Savings Plan
  • Stock Purchase
  • Life Insurance, and
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

And that was just a small list of over 20 employee benefits that were offered. They even paid their drivers $500 per week as a training wage while driving with another experienced driver. Truck drivers are fairly well looked after by employers these days. When you consider it only takes a five week complete CDL training program to have you ready for your commercial drivers license tests, that’s a quick turnaround and a good investment.

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