What Are You Doing This Weekend? You Could Be Learning To Drive A Truck

//What Are You Doing This Weekend? You Could Be Learning To Drive A Truck

Ever thought about a career as a truck driver? Having a commercial drivers license (CDL) is always handy, even if you don’t take up full time truck driving, and you don’t have to give up your regular job to obtain a CDL. If your weekends are relatively free, and with winter approaching most people tend to do little, why not convert that spare time into a CDL?

If you decide to sign up for weekend truck driver training, your commitment isn’t huge – just five weekends (both Saturday and Sunday), and you’ll be ready to take your practical truck driver tests. You will need to study truck driving rules and regulations, and to obtain your truck driving permit first; however, you can do that in your own time at home – we can even help you access practice tests that you can use to test your readiness for the theoretical tests required to gain a truck driving permit.

What is the truck driving permit? This is like a learner’s license. You can drive trucks, but only with a fully licensed driver in the cab with you. You need your truck driving permit before you can take practical driving instruction on any open roads.

For those who have ever wondered what it is like to drive a truck, our weekend classes are the perfect opportunity to find out if you have the ability to handle a big truck. You may be surprised at how easy it is to drive modern trucks, and once you have your CDL, you’ll be surprised at how many job opportunities you’ll come across. So what are you doing this weekend?

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