What did the Hurricanes mean for the transport industry?

//What did the Hurricanes mean for the transport industry?

The recent Hurricanes have left catastrophic damage to Texas and Florida, and of course the most important point is that those effected are safe and have a chance to rebuild their lives moving forward. However, the storms have had a drastic effect on the transportation industry itself, with as much as 7% of the national industry effected in the immediate aftermath.

The effects range from trucks stuck on roads or in loading docks simply having to wait for the water to recede before they can go anywhere, increasing fuel costs, to a slowdown in operations as loading areas and roads themselves are busy. However, the industry has not just accepted this, and indeed, it is truck drivers who are leading the way in the response to the crisis, helping those affected and bringing relief to areas quickly.

There are currently thousands of trucks shipping relief supplies to where they are needed most, with supplies from major retailers including Lowe’s and Walmart being moved to affected areas by the thousands of truckloads. It’s not just immediate relief supplies either, after such devastation, one of the biggest challenges is restoring things that we take for granted, such as grocery stores and other shops we rely on day-to-day. For the majority in the affected areas, this has meant completely restocking from the ground up, and again to achieve this relies on the exceptional dedication of the trucking industry, moving more, delivering more, all in challenging conditions.

It’s not just the large-scale logistics that has seen truckers making a difference, all over there are stories of truck drivers helping out, making a difference for communities and individuals. People such as Rob Stock, who has shipped 680,000 pounds of supplies, including 360,000 prepackaged meals to those in need throughout Texas. By partnering his haulage capacity with the relief raising of a local pastor, Rob’s trucks have made a real difference to thousands of people in their time of need.

Rob is not alone, local news sites across the affected regions are full of the generosity of truckers and how they have gone out of their way to help, and it’s a tradition the industry is very proud of, a community as much as it is an industry, trucking is there when people need it.

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