What Is A Truck Driver’s Number One Philosophy?

//What Is A Truck Driver’s Number One Philosophy?

Truck drivers ply their trade across a huge range of vehicles. Some drive dump trucks, busily zipping around carting loads of materials that are dumped, then returning to be filled again. Local truck drivers deliver goods to our shops, supermarkets and construction sites. Long distance truck drivers deliver goods across the nation, sometimes even across international borders. Truck drivers all have several common philosophies.

Arriving on time is highly important. We live in a society in which just-on-time delivery is the basis of industry. Ordering and storing large quantities of stock is no longer feasible so businesses order stock on an as needed basis.  You can apply that trend to all businesses – from supermarkets to construction sites. Whilst arriving on time is very important, it isn’t the number one philosophy of truck drivers.

Looking after a load is another important aspect of truck driving. A load needs to be secured properly so that none is lost in transit. A truck driver also needs to be conscious of general security – they don’t want anything to disappear from their truck whilst they are having a meal break. Is this the number one philosophy? Not quite.

What most truck drivers concentrate on is their truck driving safety. Without that, they would never arrive on time – in fact, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t arrive at all. Likewise, if there is an accident, there’s a good chance a load is written off because of the damage sustained. More importantly is the loss of life, particularly the truck drivers own life. By driving safely, a truck driver can ensure they arrive within the allotted time frame, and that the load has arrived safely and intact. They also ensure they arrive at their destination, a fact their families would generally appreciate.

Whilst many truck drivers resent many of the laws and regulations that are in place, the fact of the matter is simple. Those laws and regulations are designed to ensure the safety of everyone, truck drivers, their trucks, their loads, and everyone around them. You may resent those laws, however, if you ignore them long enough, you’ll either cause a serious accident and prove the lawmakers right, or you’ll lose your license and with it your job. In the end, following those laws and regulations and becoming a safe truck driver is in everyone’s best interest – yours as well, and that’s why there’s so much emphasis on safety when it comes to truck driver training. If you start a career with right mindset, you’re on the right road to success.

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