What Sort Of Truck Would You Like To Drive?

//What Sort Of Truck Would You Like To Drive?

So you want to be a truck driver. Have you decided on the type of truck you would like to drive? Most students to our truck driver training school arrive with preconceived ideas about the type of truck they would like to drive. Before making a definitive decision, here are some of the different types of truck you could choose to drive.


Don’t discount vans. They are not just those small covered vehicles you see zipping around town. Vans come in all shapes and sizes including:

  • Dry Vans – these are large container-like vans with doors at the rear. Freight is often loaded on pallets using a fork lift truck.
  • Reefer – a reefer is a refrigerated van used to transport freight that requires lower temperature.
  • Intermodal – an intermodel is really a trailer onto which a container is lowered. Drivers often leave the container and trailer at their destination.
  • Softsides – softsides have side curtains that can be opened to allow access from the sides of the vehicle.


Flatbeds are used to carry large heavy items. These vehicles come in a range of sizes and configurations including:

  • Standard – a standard flatbed can carry almost anything that is not going to be affected by weathering.
  • Dropped decks – these are flatbeds that have had the middle dropped to cater for large tall items such as heavy equipment.
  • Auto trailer – these are double decker trailers that are used to transport new cars.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are used to transport a range of goods including sand, gravel, dirt, fertilizer, potatoes, green beans, corn and many other fruits, vegetables and grains. Some dump trucks use a rear gate to offload their load whilst others use hoppers with doors on the underside to dump the load.

Other types of trucks include tankers and livestock transporters. A truck driving career is full of opportunity and variety if that’s your ideal. Truck driver training provides graduates with the skills required to gain a commercial drivers license. From there, you have your pick of hundreds of different truck driving career paths.

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