What To Give A Trucker Kid

/What To Give A Trucker Kid

There are two kinds of “trucker kids” — those who are part of a truck driver’s family and those who just love trucks no matter what type of family they have. Both kinds like gifts that fit their interests and spark the imagination. So whether you have started on your trucker career by getting your Class-A CDL Learners Permit, been on the road for years, or just love a truck-crazy kid consider one of these ideas to bring a smile to their face.

Create A Truck Space For A Trucker Kid

Kids need help with the stuff they collect. For trucker kids, that stuff tends to be books about trucks and toy trucks with all the accessories. Instead of a traditional toy box, set up a system that lets those toy trucks be parked in their garage and part of the play area.

One way to do this is by putting together a cubby system on the floor with boxes big enough to park the trucks. If you can’t find inexpensive wooden cubby boxes look for sturdy plastic boxes that can go on their side. Long trucks can be parked sideways or in between the boxes. Place plywood over the top for a platform that can become a reading or play space.

Books for younger children are best stored in a plastic bin (like a new dishpan) so they can be flipped through to find a favorite and easily replaced. Older kids may rather have shelves, but make it easy to put things away and life will be less stressful.

Fill That Truck Space With Good Stuff

Look for toy trucks that will last for years, and those toy trucks will be around for generations to play with. Try to add to a collection by getting your trucker kid to show you what they have and tell you what they want.

Books can be about types of trucks, but there are books about what it is like to drive trucks. Many reviewers like Grandpa and the Truck stories. Your local librarian is a good source of recommendations for more.

Older trucker kids will want to know how they can be a truck driver. Show them how to obtain a Class-A CDL Learners Permit and let them try some of the practice tests. Give them a way to live their dream by giving the gifts your trucker kids want.


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