What Type Of Truck Do You Want To Drive?

//What Type Of Truck Do You Want To Drive?

So you want to be a truck driver. Have you decided on what type of truck you want to drive? Have you decided where you want to drive? They are two very important questions, two questions that relate to each other, and two questions that could affect your truck driver training.

Trucks are not the same – different types of trucks require different driving skills. A dump truck is shorter than most trucks, so it can be a little easier to get around in. Interstate tractor-trailers, on the other hand, can be very large, often pulling not one, but two fully laden trailers behind them.

How does this affect your truck driver training? You can learn truck driving basics in any type of truck, however, you won’t learn how to operate the dump mechanism on a dump truck by driving a tractor trailer. Likewise, you won’t learn the tricky maneuvering skills required for articulated vehicles if you are driving a fixed truck like a dump truck.

By rights, you should also undertake your commercial driver’s license practical test in the same type of truck that you intend driving. If you want to drive dump trucks, then you should do your practical test in a dump truck – that does make logical sense. There are a lot of common areas when it comes to truck driver training – for example, log books – road rules, and other regulations are the same no matter what type of truck you drive.

When looking for a truck driver training school, it is important to know what types of trucks they have that you can learn to drive. If you have the opportunity to learn to drive tractor trailers, and to learn reversing skills, then it’s well worth spending some time on those trucks, even if you want to drive a dump truck. However, you still need to spend time in a dump truck, learning how they handle. Do you know what sort of truck you want to drive? Can your truck driver training school give you time inside your preferred truck type?

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