What Would You Do If Your Truck Rolled Over?

//What Would You Do If Your Truck Rolled Over?

There are thousands of trucks traveling our highways every day, and despite the best training and the best intentions, trucks are involved in accidents. Often, it’s not the truck driver who is at fault either, but the consequences can be severe. What would you do if the truck you were driving rolled over and the load you were carrying was fuel, bio-waste, or even nuclear waste? I am assuming you survived the roll-over, most truck drivers walk away from these accidents with hardly a scratch.

If you’re driving a truck that is carrying a load like that mentioned, then you should have a hazardous materials (or HazMat) endorsement. If that’s the case, then I’m sure you’d know exactly what to do, who to call, and what barriers are needed to protect the public. But then, that is why we have HazMat training for truck drivers, and why they need this training to acquire the HazMat endorsement.

Driving a truck is a serious business at the best of times. The moment you add hazardous materials to the equation, the responsibility becomes huge. You are not just responsible for the load you are carrying, and the vehicles around you, you are also responsible for the environment over which you travel. A load of oil that spills on the highway can wreak havoc on the environment for many years to come unless quick action is taken to neutralize it.

Quick action is only possible if those responsible know how to handle these types of situations – hence the training. If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver, then including a HazMaz endorsement on your commercial drivers license can open more employment opportunities for you – just remember, that endorsement does come with responsibilities.

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