What’s More Important – Truck Driving Safety Or Being On Time?

//What’s More Important – Truck Driving Safety Or Being On Time?

There is a perception from outside the industry that truck drivers have only one commitment – to get their load to its destination on time no matter the cost. The perceived cost is that of safety. This perception is totally misguided since, without truck driving safety, there is a good chance the load won’t make it to its destination at all. Truck driver training places a focus on this balance between safety and being on time.

A good truck driver knows how to balance road safety and being on time and the two can be achieved successfully. In fact, the two are an integral part to a successful truck driving career. If you are on time the majority of the time, and your record is accident and incident free (including no traffic violations), then you will find that your reputation as driver will grow and with it the demand for your services.

Truck driving safety involves a number of issues. It’s not just driving safely on the road. It is also involves knowing how to avoid incidents, and that’s particularly important given the number of crazy car drivers we have on the roads. Being able to avoid an accident can be difficult, but there are many situations where it can be achieved.

Arriving on time is not impossible either, even if there are bottlenecks on the highway. Being able to quickly find and use alternative routes is an important part of a truck driver’s role. That load does have to get through, and where possible, it does have to get through on time.

So then what is more important, truck driving safety or arriving on time? The answer is simple – in most cases, both – they are not mutually exclusive. Of course, truck drivers are not expected to take silly risks as this could endanger both themselves and their load so a truck driver really needs to drive safely if they hope to arrive on time.

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