What’s The Fastest Way To Become A Truck Driver?

//What’s The Fastest Way To Become A Truck Driver?

A common question. What’s the fastest way to become a truck driver? The decision to become a truck driver can be difficult since there are so many variables involved; for example, do you mind being away from home as a long distance truck driver? The process is the same is for all truck drivers: career selection; training; assessment; employment.

Career Selection:

You need to decide on the type of truck you want to drive and that may dictate that certain endorsements are also required. Endorsements often involve additional testing by the state licensing authorities. The HazMat endorsement is a good example.

Truck Driver Training

The truck driver training required will depend on what your current skills and knowledge are. You cannot drive on the open road as a student unless you have your commercial drivers permit. You will need to pass the relevant theory tests before you can be issued with a commercial drivers permit. Ideally, you should try to learn your truck driving skills in a truck that is similar to those you wish to drive once employed. Learning to drive a dump truck will not properly prepare you for a long distance truck.


Each state has its own testing system, however, they all follow the same pattern. You first need to obtain a permit (by passing a theory test). You will also need to present a current health certificate from a health professional that indicates you are fit to drive a truck. finally, you will need to complete a practical test and tests associated with any endorsements. If you successfully complete these tests, you will be issued with a commercial drivers license. Endorsements such as the HazMat endorsement may take some time as their are national security clearances involved with the issue of these endorsements.


You can have all the best training in the world, a fully endorsed commercial drivers license, yet still not be a truck driver. It’s not until you have a job where you are driving a truck that you can start to call yourself a truck driver. Our Career Services department can help you find that first job.

How long does all of this take? You can complete your training and license testing in just five weeks if you undertake your training through our Diesel Truck Driver Training School. If you have a thorough knowledge of the road rules then you may be able to seek a commercial drivers permit first. This can reduce your training to just three weeks in many circumstances.


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