Who’s The Most Important Person In A Truck Driver’s Life?

//Who’s The Most Important Person In A Truck Driver’s Life?

There’s more to becoming a successful truck driver than just passing a few tests. In fact, that’s the easy part. Of course, with a commercial drivers license, you’re in a position to seek out employment as a truck driver, and in the big picture, that too is easy. What can make or break a new truck driver is one person – and that person has a lot of control on your career. They go by many names. Some of them I can’t repeat here, but to many, they are the dispatchers.  They often refer to themselves as fleet managers or driver managers, or something similar.

A dispatcher can make a difference between a long distance driver being home this weekend or being stuck for the weekend in a city a thousand miles away. For local drivers, you can score the good jobs or be handed the tough jobs that have you in and out of the cab all day. So who are these mysterious people?

The role of dispatcher is fairly simple. They manage the trucks, the drivers, and the loads that need to be transported. Their role is demanding and if a load doesn’t reach its destination on time, they are the first to feel the flak that comes from upper management. As coordinators, they have the power to control your life since they are the people who will be assigning you the work.

How do you get into their good books? It’s not easy, especially for new drivers. However, if you can quietly and calmly handle the more menial tasks that often befall novice truck drivers, you will soon earn their respect. If you are always on time with your deliveries, then you will soon earn their confidence. As you gain experience, you find that dispatchers that have learned to trust you will allocate you to jobs that are not so demanding and not so demeaning.

Dispatchers are a truck driver’s life blood. Upset a dispatcher and you will soon see your driving hours starting to drop. Prove your worth and you’ll quickly march up the ranks. Your first step to convincing a dispatcher to give you plenty of work is by completing a quality truck driver training program.

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