Why Are Some Classes Free?

//Why Are Some Classes Free?

Sometimes we get asked about the Free CDL Permit Classes we offer. After all, a school that depends on tuition for income to pay the bills is letting a chance for some money slip away by offering a free class — right?


We think it’s far more important that people be safe on the road. The free classes are really head knowledge: being able to pass the written CDL Permit test.

Sometimes a really good driver needs a little bit of help with test taking, or sometimes a potential trucker wants to see if this will be a good career choice. These free classes start every few weeks and are perfect for getting the information that is on the written CDL tests firmly in your head.

They aren’t training, except in the “training to take a test” sense.

They are held at several locations pretty regularly. Just give us a call at (800) 332-7364. There is no cost or obligation to go on with enrolling in the regular classes, but some folks might qualify for a $200 scholarship that only is applicable to our CDL program.

Knowing enough of the rules and regulations to pass the test and get your CDL Permit is a good thing. But it’s only the first step in a process. Just like the Learner’s Permit has to be in hand before you got behind the wheel of the family car, the CDL Permit gets you permission to get behind the wheel and learn how to drive a commercial vehicle. If you think you are interested in getting your CDL, our free classes are a good way to find out for sure.

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