Why Are Truck Drivers Always So Serious?

//Why Are Truck Drivers Always So Serious?

There’s a popular misconception that truck drivers are always serious – in fact some would go so far as to say they are very stern looking to the point of intimidating. In reality, truck drivers are no different than you and I. When you normally see a truck driver, they are trying to navigate heavy vehicles through traffic – and that is serious business.

In towns and heavily trafficked areas, truck drivers need to concentrate, not just on what they are doing, but on what every other vehicle is also doing on the road. They also need to be aware of any dangers to their truck such as low bridges. Throw in a pedestrian or two and traffic lights and a truck driver is extremely busy. Get them out of their trucks and into a relaxed environment and you will see a totally different person.

If you ever want some free entertainment, sit down with a long distance truck driver and ask them about some of their experiences. Some of the stories they can tell will shock, amaze, or have you in stitches. When it comes to driving and the antics of some car drivers (and other truck drivers too), truck drivers have just about seen it all.

Why are truck drivers serious – because the job demands it. Individuals undergo intense truck driver training and testing in order to receive a commercial drivers license. If they fail to observe the road rules or Department of Transport trucking regulations, they stand the risk of losing that license, and the loss of a license is effectively the loss of their livelihood. If you’re considering becoming a truck driver, don’t worry, your personality is not going to change overnight. You will need to take your training and your subsequent career seriously, but you can still keep your fun-loving spirit for times when you’re out of your truck.

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