Why Attitude And Dedication Mark A Quality Truck Driver

//Why Attitude And Dedication Mark A Quality Truck Driver

Truck driving is one of those careers where having the right attitude and being dedicated can really pay off. If you have a reputation for always being on time, never receiving infringement notices, never having accidents, then trucking companies will seek you out in an attempt to add you to their payroll. Truck drivers with good reputations often draw better than average wages, and often receive numerous employee benefits such as health insurance and bonuses.

Nothing galls a truck driver more than being pulled over for a random inspection of their truck and log books. Interestingly, only 5% of inspections are really random, the rest are caused by drivers raising red flags. This is where dedication and the right attitude come to the fore. Red flags are generally raised when truck drivers:

  • are speeding;
  • are not wearing Seat Belts correctly;
  • have failure to yield to a traffic control device; and

have been following other vehicles too closely.

Speeding is the top reason for any truck driver being pulled over, often losing 20-30 minutes to an inspection. These delays are totally preventable, simply by following the rules – and that’s the attitude and dedication that employers are looking for – drivers who don’t bring attention down on themselves.

If every truck driver looked on a load as being their own property, or better yet, the property of their spouse, mother or mother-in-law, then safety would be paramount. After all, who wants to get on the bad side of their mother or mother-in-law?  If truck drivers also worked on the basis that every expense came out of their own pocket, then there would be little in the way of waste  – especially fuel, which is becoming expensive.

With that sort of attitude and dedication to being safe, on time, and as efficient as possible, you’ll become a popular driver who’s never short on work. You can train to become a truck driver, and we can teach you the skills and knowledge required. That attitude comes from within – do you have it?

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