Why CDL Prep Tests Are Important

//Why CDL Prep Tests Are Important

Schools have known for decades that one of the best ways to prepare a student for any sort of test is by doing a practice test. In many areas of education, real tests from previous years are used to help students – oddly enough, they are known as ‘prep tests’. We are strong believers in the use of prep tests for student truck drivers and consider them to be an important part of their learning.

Why? I guess part of the answer is in the first paragraph – they are very good at preparing students for the real thing.  Student truck drivers need to cram a lot into a short space of time. They need to learn all the road rules and all the regulations associated with being a truck driver. They may also need to learn other areas such as Hazmat regulations – if the student wishes to include a Hazmat endorsement. There’s also the small matter of actually learning to drive a truck as well.

Before getting behind the wheel on the open road, student truck drivers need to pass all the theoretical tests required to gain a commercial drivers license (CDL). These tests can be tough with little margin for error. Prep tests make life a little easier in a number of ways, the most important being familiarity. When a student truck driver sits down to do their theoretical tests, prior experience means they will know the format of the actual test – all they need do is answer the questions. Those who have not undertaken prep tests are often surprised by the format of the test, and this can “throw” them, making it difficult to then concentrate on the test itself.

Familiarity always makes life easier, and that is true when it comes to undertaking the theoretical tests to gain a CDL Permit. The practice, or prep tests, make the the real test easier. If your truck driver training school doesn’t provide access to prep tests, then you can certainly buy them – or better yet, enroll in a truck driver training program that does have access to CDL prep tests.


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