Why Is Training Important For Truckers?

/Why Is Training Important For Truckers?

Once in a while you still run across somebody who says, “I already know how to drive a truck because I rode along with my Grandpa on his run” or something similar. Sure, that person might know how to drive Grandpa’s truck, but that isn’t enough for having a career in trucking. Basic CDL Skills taught at Diesel Truck Driver Training School include more than being beside a driver in the cab:

  • pre-trip inspections
  • coupling/uncoupling
  • backing
  • close quarter maneuvers

You start out in the classroom with an experienced instructor describing and demonstrating these skills, along ith why they are important to everybody on the road for their safety. Then you practice in the yard, and finally out on local highways to prepare for your Class-A CDL road test. If Grandpa did all that, he should look into being one of our professional instructors!

But there’s more to it than knowing the basic skills. You need to have passed DMV written tests for your Class-A CDL permit and obtained a Department of Transportation physical before taking our Basic CDL Classes and by the time you are done, you will have the licensing permits, endorsements, and taken the state driving test needed to actually have your Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

You will be able to get an entry-level job in the trucking industry and have the connections to do it. You also will have the professional training that employers look for when they want to fill a position. The employer needs to know that the drivers have the training insurance companies increasingly insist upon.

Experiences like riding along with Grandpa in his truck are why many of us love trucking, so take the next step with our Basic Skills CDL Training and keep the love alive.

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