Why Novice Truck Drivers Require Career Services Assistance

//Why Novice Truck Drivers Require Career Services Assistance

Truck driving is a great career and offers a lot of potential long term, however, it can be hard to get one’s foot in the door. New truck drivers often complain of the ‘closed shop’ nature of the industry, and it can be that way at times. New job opportunities are often advertised through the grapevine rather than through public means with trucking companies generally hoping to secure quality drivers from rival companies. That doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for novice truck drivers – there are plenty of them if you know where to look and who to approach.

At Diesel Truck Driving School, we offer our students access to a career services department. Career services personnel will work with students across several fronts. These include helping students determine which trucking companies are best suited to their needs – this includes location, the type of truck the student wishes to drive, and the type of work they are interested in – for example, long haul or local. We also work with the student’s presentation – how to put together a resume, job application and cold call letter; how to handle job interviews; and how best to present themselves at any interview.

Our primary objective is to open those industry doors and to help graduates find that all-important first job. The moment you get your foot in the door and have a job, your future is virtually secured – you just need to build a reputation for being a top truck driver.

Truck driving is one of those industries that can be a bit of an enigma. Many people choose this career because they enjoy the solitude of their own company, being out on the open road with no one to look over their shoulder. At the same time, truck drivers are a close knit community – drivers meet regularly at truck stops to share stories, hear the latest industry gossip, find out which companies are employing drivers, and to chat about the more common interests such as family, sport, politics and the like. Trucking is not really a ‘closed shop’ – you just need to know who to approach and how, and that’s where career services assistance can make all of the difference.

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