Why Private Truck Driver Training Schools Are Good For The Industry

//Why Private Truck Driver Training Schools Are Good For The Industry

Over the last ten years there has been a mini explosion in truck driver training schools. Many are privately owned schools, however, there has been an increasing trend towards company-based truck driver training. The concept is, in principle, quite good – from the trucking company’s perspective. Company-based truck driver training opens the door to several options, and several abuses as well.

If you are a trucking company, then you want the best drivers you can find. It makes sense to train a group of potential drivers, and to then pick the cream of that group. However, for students, that may mean that only two or three students get jobs – the remainder are left to fend for themselves – a big disadvantage for them. Trucking companies can also tailor the training programs to suit their needs rather than the industry as a whole. Students who graduate and don’t find employment within that company often need to ‘unlearn’ some aspects of their training when starting work with a different trucking company.

Private truck driver training schools owe no allegiance to any one company. Their allegiance is to the industry itself, and towards themselves. That may sound odd, however, a private truck driver training school’s best advertisement is the quality of driver it produces – good quality drivers develop a truck driver training company’s reputation and over time, makes it easier for new graduates to find employment. Private training schools tend to graduate drivers that are well rounded with skills that make them readily employable.

When looking at a truck driver training school, think very carefully before signing up for an employer sponsored training program. You will need to read the training terms very carefully as this training can be very expensive if you are not selected by that company for employment. If you are considering a private truck driver training school, look for a school that has been around for a long time, and that has a very good reputation within the industry. A training school’s reputation is your first key to a long and successful career as a truck driver.

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